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Since its founding, HubStor has always been a customer-centric company.  Driven and focused entirely by customer needs to complex problems, HubStor was able to provide a world-class product at a significantly lower price point than many established and much larger companies.

As a result of putting our customers above everything else, we’ve managed to collect quite a lot of praise, so we decided to toot our own horn so to speak and share some of the positive feedback we’ve received.

Sven V. writes about how to keep Windows File Servers under control:

It is easy to use and transparent for the end-users. Once setup there is just not much to do in terms of administration. End users don’t notice anything special with their stored files but the IT team has saved more than 50% on diskspace and backup media by storing the inactive files in Azure. The cost for HubStor is 100% based on the compressed data in Azure. (a markup of the azure cost – and that includes everything (no separate fees for support).

Monika R. writes about our Excellent Product & Superior Customer Service

It was quick and easy to install and set-up, the administrator portal is common-sense intuitive and easy to use, as well as the user interface; documents are easy to located and search for. HubStor’s staff customer service is exceptional – always responsible & tailored to finding custom solutions designed specifically to each client, instead of an out-of-the-box products. Recently we had to switch servers due to security upgrades – the staff worked with the City’s IT team to facilitate the transition which was seamless and completed in one day.

Pascal R. writes about HubStor being more cost effective than Azure File Sync

Reports and auditing give you much more insight than any other tool. Having the same amount of data in Azure at 1/3 of the price compared with Azure File Sync. There is much more control then using other data. Active Directory access on Blob storage. Great Support!!!

We are ecstatic that our customers are sharing the positive benefits of the HubStor platform on leading software discovery websites.   It further validates HubStor’s mission to bring cloud-based backup-as-a-service solutions to enterprise customers across the globe.

If you are interested in reading more positive reviews from HubStor customers, take a look at our G2 and Capterra listings – or, if you want to test our amazing support team and world-class platform for yourself, feel free to get in touch with us.


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