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Backing up your information is essential, without backups your files can become inaccessible, corrupt for reasons beyond your control.

However, manually backing up information is tedious and easy to forget. That’s why you should choose to use an auto backup program. If you choose to auto backup your information, you protect yourself from forgetting while protecting your information from getting corrupted.

Perks of Using the Auto Backup

Reliable, Automatic and Secure

Rather than relying on your memory, using an auto backup will ensure that your information is safely tucked away.

Plus, depending on what option you choose to back up your data, the security can be immensely better. Using a service can enhance security by requiring a login everytime you wish to access it, and external drives have the option to encrypt your data.

Restoring Data

By using an auto backup program, your data will be more secure and readily available. If a virus or malware attack your computer, there is a chance, with auto backup, that you will be able to go back to a more recent file.

There will also be a greater chance that your data can be recovered, even immediately. This is especially the case if you decide to go with a service to back up your information.

No More Routine Tasks

Manually backing up data is tedious. The annoying and repetitive tasks take away valuable time from your day, the time you could be using to do something much more productive.

However, since backing up your information is so essential, you endure. What if I said you don’t have to? Using Auto backup programs can help take the tedious annoying tasks out of your day while still keeping your information safe.

Auto Backup Options

Windows 10 Built-In Options

There are 2 different backup programs that Windows 10 offers:

  • File History: This tool allows you to automatically save multiple versions of a file. This allows you to restore files that have been changed or deleted and is useful for files that change on a regular basis (Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations).
  • Windows Backup and Restore: This tool allows you to create a single backup of your files on a set schedule. It can also create a snapshot of the entire system which makes it easy to restore everything if something happens.

Both of these are great options individually, but using them together further ensures your files’ safety.

However, you will still need to have another backup strategy, one that takes your backups and stores them offsite. This can be done on an external hard drive or another cloud system.

External Device

Buying a fast and spacious external hard drive can also help you to back up your information.

This method is especially great if you are working for a company with sensitive and specific data. That way if anything happens to your computer or your network, you will have another way to access the essential information.

This method is very simple and can be done in the background while your working on something else.

Stumped on how to back up your information onto an external device?

For a Windows Computer

When you first plug in the external device, Window will ask if you wish to use the device as a backup. Simply hit yes.

If this prompt does not show up, go to the Start Menu, search for “Backup” and select Backup and Restore.

Then, you’ll need to click the “Set Up Backup” button, choose the drive you wish to store your backup on, and choose Next twice (the default settings are typically fine).

Finally, you’ll need to select “Save Settings and Run Backup” in order for Windows to make the first backup of your drive. Do not turn off your computer, and it’s usually good to keep it plugged in.

After that, Windows will auto backup your computer in the background. Simple and efficient!

For a Mac Computer

Plugging in the drive will result in a prompt asking if you wish to use the drive as a backup, choose “Use as Backup Disk” to begin the process.

If this prompt does not show, go to System Preferences, Time Machine to set the drive as a backup disk. From there, you will need to choose the “Select Backup Disk” button as well as the drive you wish to use.

After that, everything will be set up! OS X will perform the first backup and keep backing up your computer without any more intervention!

Like the Windows computer, do not turn off your computer while the backup is in progress and be sure you keep it plugged in just in case the backup takes longer than planned!

Online Cloud Storage Service

Although the built-in options are great for backing up your information, and external hard drives can be helpful, sometimes you need something more advanced.

There are certain companies who will store your data for a fee. The bonus to this service is that they will not only store the data from your computer, but also from your phone, tablet, and other devices if compatible.

Plus, the use of a downloadable app will maintain a copy (or mirror) of your files on your PC. Another perk of using this method is that you can typically access the data from anywhere, especially if you use a service like Google Drive. All you would need is a username and password and you can work from home!

Another perk of using this method is that you can typically access the data from anywhere, especially if you use a service like Google Drive. All you would need is a username and password and you can work from home!

However, this method will only work if you have reliable access to an upstream bandwidth that is large enough to handle all your data.

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