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Cloud computing tools are essential in business because no matter what role you play within a company, the bottom line is always the same: Find ways to be more productive. And more efficient. And of course, save the company money.

But if you’re in IT, you also have to solve the issue of how to keep your data safe and accessible to all employees.

While services like DropBox and Box are good for active data users working on projects, it can’t handle the types of data workloads the typical business has to manage.

The only way to archive, protect, manage, and recover your data is to store it in the cloud. Here’s how using cloud computer tools will help you save money and increase efficiency.

All at the same time!

Can Using Cloud Computing Tools Save My Company Money?

The bottom line for every company is to increase profits while decreasing costs. That’s how a business stays in business.

And that’s why it’s smart to start using cloud computer tools.

Here’s how using the Cloud can save you money:

  • Lower upfront costs: The cost of setting up and using cloud services is often much less expensive than buying hardware and software yourself and setting it up in-house. You’ll also have access to top tiered products and services and you only pay for what you use.
  • Space costs minimized: File cabinets cost money to buy and take up expensive office space. Having all documents easily accessible via the cloud means you can spend less on rent each month.
  • Less paper used: Save money and be environmentally friendly. Having everything on the cloud means rarely having to print out anything including billing, invoices, and even memos.
  • Fewer mistakes: Inaccuracies can be expensive. You want to ensure your information is always correct. The Cloud helps eliminate mistakes with your taxes and expense reports.

And lastly, using the cloud will help prevent costly security breaches that most companies won’t be able to survive.

How Are Cloud Computing Tools More Convenient to Use?

The workplace is changing rapidly. No longer does everyone need to be in the office at the same time or even in the office at all.

It’s vital that you have a system in place that allows employees to work wherever and whenever they can that’s easy to use and easy to learn.

You’ll also find it’s more convenient to use the cloud because:

  • Less hardware is used: Now hardware is really not even needed. And it’s not your responsibility. No need for maintenance or upgrades, either. Now, that’s easy.
  • Easier to share information: Gone are the days of endless and sometimes seemingly pointless meetings. Now you can share information at any time. The cloud allows you to share vital information with everyone without having to gather everyone in one place first. Information is now available in real-time rather than having to wait for your weekly Wednesday meeting.
  • Flexible services: The cloud allows you to pay only for what services you’re using. And you’ve just opened yourself up to world-class technology which evens out the competitive playing field, even if you’re just starting out.

How Do Cloud Computing Tools Increase Productivity?

Office productivity can grow exponentially using the cloud. Not only is it quick and easy to set-up, but it’s quick and easy for anyone to start using it.

Here are other ways you’ll quickly increase your office’s productivity:

  • Reduction of clutter: Time is no longer lost looking for misplaced papers or files.
  • Labor and maintenance reduction: When upgrades and maintenance are required, it’s not your responsibility. You’ll save time not having to focus on managing an IT team.
  • Quick installation: This system can be set up in a matter of hours which means your employees can get back to work with almost no interruptions.
  • SaaS applications are easy to use: And they’ll also help you identify where problems in your company lie and are more innovative to help you launch your company into the future.
  • Management improvements: It’s easier to manage and monitor your company when it’s stored in one convenient place. You can also manage and evaluate your employees much more quickly and efficiently using these tools.

How Do Cloud Computing Tools Make It Safer for My Company to Do Business?

Safety is your number one concern when it comes to using online tools. So when you invest in the cloud, you know you’re making a smart investment in the future of your company.

Here’s how your company stays safe with the cloud:

  • Security breaches: Uses encryption to keep your data safe.
  • Data protection: Keeps you 100% safe from hackers, accidents, and viruses.
  • Enhanced defensive measures: Measures are taken like filtering, patch management, and cryptography techniques are all used by Cloud hosting companies to ensure your information won’t be stolen.
  • Disaster recovery: No need to fear the worst happening. Your data is always safely stored at a secure data center. Now you’re safe from losing power due to inclement weather or someone accidentally cutting the power. As long as your internet is working, you can work.

What Else Can Cloud Computing Tools Do for My Business?

When you’re in business, every second counts. And that’s why you want to enjoy transparency within your business.

How does transparency help improve business?

  • Manageability: Your management team can now view in real time everything in every account. Now there’s no waiting for your sales team to call for an update.
  • Customer success: Allow your customers to join in on the transparency. Manage nervous clients by inviting them to see their work in progress.
  • Analytics: Now you have the ability to use computing power to analyze your data and information. It will allow you to make real-time decisions, putting you ahead of your competition.
  • Track your companies progress: The analytics will also help you track processes from manufacturing to marketing. The statistics will help you pinpoint and avoid potential problems.
  • Reports: The Cloud allows you to compile easy-to-understand reports that will help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and blow away your competition.

Using these services will also help you grow, adapt, and compete in the future.

HubStor is the world’s first data-aware cloud archive with patented pending advances. We treat your information as if it were our own and we’re ready to take your business into the future today.

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