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If you are a long-time Veeam, Veritas, or Commvault customer, take notice: Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) is an exciting new approach to your virtual machine backup and replication needs, offering a simpler architecture, requiring less of your time, and meeting your reliability expectations – all at a significantly lower level of spend.

I am pleased to announce that HubStor is now firmly planting its flag in the backup space with the release of BaaS for VMware vSphere environments.

Now with the addition of the HubStor Backup Service component, the HubStor cloud data platform provides a new solution for protection of VMware vSphere. And through this year, we expect to build out our BaaS platform capabilities to likely include Hyper-V, Nutanix, Windows Server, Azure VMs, and SQL Server.

Here are three main reasons why we think HubStor’s BaaS offering is a game-changer for IT professionals:

  1. Simplified 3-2-1 data protection architecture – You need at least three copies of your data, using at least two types of media, with at least one copy offsite. With legacy backup architecture, achieving this meant having the backup software licensing, backup servers and storage, more backup software to interface with a tape library, rotation of tapes, and a contract with an offsite physical storage provider. Managing, monitoring, and maintaining all this gear and process is now outdated with HubStor.
  1. Better pricing model – Are you tired of high-cost backup software and intricate licensing models that have you counting virtual machines, CPUs, and hosts? Pricing for HubStor Backup-as-a-Service is a simple baseline cost each month with pay-as-you-go, low-cost storage pricing. Storage costs are based on the physical size of your backup data after compression savings and range from $0.03 for Cool tier (immediate access) to $0.003 for Archive tier (tape in the cloud) per gigabyte monthly.
  1. Platform solution – You have virtual machine environments, databases, network storage, physical servers, SaaS apps, and storage in the cloud. You must think about legal and compliance archival for things like messaging, voice calls, studies, transaction data, and project data also. Traditionally, as IT professionals, building a solution for backup and archive involved the assembly of server and storage infrastructure along with the procurement of multiple expensive point products. And not just a point product for backup and another for archival. Often, it has been necessary to license point products for each workload! HubStor provides a platform solution through SaaS that converges backup and archive for a wide spectrum of workloads.

When Greg Campbell and I founded HubStor, building a platform solution was always our dream. As we look back at the evolution of HubStor, we began with file system cloud tiering and file share backup.

Customer demand led us into developing cloud-based content archiving for compliance and legal discovery, tackling a wide range of workloads from genomics data, to medical imaging, to email journaling and voice calls.

In recent years, we’ve added SaaS backup capabilities for apps like Microsoft Office 365 and Box, and protection for PaaS cloud storage accounts such as S3 and Azure Blob Storage.

With the addition of BaaS for virtual machine environments, the dream of HubStor as an enterprise cloud data platform has become reality. Organizations can tackle a full spectrum of virtual machine backup and archival workloads on a flexible SaaS architecture, at a price point that requires less of your IT budget than incumbent backup vendors.

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