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There’s a growing list of compliance regulations that outline increasingly stringent requirements for handling data, including the geographic location where data is stored.

Advances in technology, including the adoption of cloud storage, along with greater awareness of the kinds of data organizations have and how they use it, have led to an influx of legislative mandates. These emerging compliance requirements typically impose directions regarding data residency and/or localization for organizations operating in the jurisdiction of the mandate.

Office 365 Multi-Geo functionality

With Microsoft’s Office 365 Multi-Geo, your organization can specify a central location for your tenant, along with multiple satellite locations. This functionality allows large, multi-national organizations to streamline their compliance and security efforts down to the user level while providing a more consistent experience for their users across different regions.

HubStor gives you greater control of data residency

It’s not enough to be able to specify the data storage location of data in motion. You need the same control over data backups and archives.

That’s why HubStor has added these controls to your HubStor tenant for Office 365 backup data sovereignty. HubStor now leverages the geo-location information specified in Azure Active Directory through Microsoft Graph. Large customers whose HubStor tenant spans multiple Azure regions can now ensure Office 365 user data (mailbox and OneDrive) are backed up to the region that matches their preferred data location automatically.

HubStor is committed to helping our customers with simple solutions to complex problems. If you’d like to see our geo-location storage feature in action, contact me to book a demo.

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