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Unified backup and archive as a service

Simplify backup and archival for your apps and data at any scale.

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Modernize data protection and content archiving

Every day there’s more data to manage and backup. Security, reliability, and affordably are top of mind. Cloud data management unleashes a new engineered approach for IT success.

Convenient SaaS model

Tackle multiple backup and archiving workloads on a single platform delivered in a true SaaS model, highly secure and incredibly convenient. Discover the HubStor platform

Scalable design

Manage terabytes to hundreds of petabytes. Support any number of users. Scale out globally.

Consumption-based pricing

Use what you need. Pay only for what you use. Save money. More about pricing

Full-spectrum data platform

Not a one-trick pony. Backup on-premises and cloud workloads. Modernize archiving for any content type. Explore solutions

Reliable solutions on a converged platform

With HubStor, you can manage all your backup and archival on a unified platform, in a cloud location of your choice, giving you the power to store, access, and protect the information you need. HubStor is engineered to reverse sprawl.

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Reliable and simple backup for VMs, shared storage, SaaS apps and more.



Low-cost archival for multiple workloads with data governance and discovery controls.



Hybrid cloud storage to transform file systems with no disruption.



Scalable, fully-managed journaling for email and instant messaging.



Compliance storage and data protection solutions for any industry.

Dawn Armstrong

Director of IT, Virgin Hyperloop 

Cloud-based object storage to support transformation at every level of your IT infrastructure

Data is the beating heart of your business. As it spans across on-premises storage and apps to more and more cloud services, you need a central solution designed to help you manage all your secondary backup and archival needs. Cloud data management with HubStor helps you to:

  • Protect your organization from malicious attacks on your data.
  • Avoid costly fines and brand damage from compliance failure.
  • Save money while streamlining your IT storage and backup infrastructure.
  • Improve legal discovery workflows and efficiency.
  • Eliminate costly legacy technologies.

Customers that trust HubStor

We work with some of the world’s most advanced companies globally. Explore industries and connect with us.

Virgin Hyperloop

Technology designed for leading IT professionals

Don’t let inefficient technology slow you down. Our solutions are designed with enterprise requirements in mind. More on the HubStor platform


Software that works as advertised.

Budget friendly

Pricing that allows you to get the job done without breaking the bank.


Architecture design that scales to support your evolving business.

Welles Hatch

CIO, City Year

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Discover simplicity with unified backup and archive

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