WORM Compliance Cloud Storage That You Will Love

WORM compliance storage is now easy and affordable with HubStor running on Microsoft Azure. You can satisfy regulators with a rock solid platform, rich auditing, and defensible procedures — and sleep easier at night.

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Compliance without high cost or complexity

WORM storage has been expensive and difficult to consume. Not any more. With HubStor, you have a fully-managed solution that runs smoothly with strong security on the Microsoft cloud. HubStor integrates seamlessly with your on-premises file storage for ‘books and records’ compliance. You can also satisfy WORM retention needs for messages and other data types.

Here is how it works…


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The flexibility and control you need

WORM retention

Retention policies

Apply retention periods using policies that work based on folders, data owner, access rights, security or record classification, and any item-level metadata.

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Event-based retention

Trigger final retention periods to apply to select content that is relevant to an event. We make it defensible with event auditing and reporting.

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Data integrity

Preserve content in its original format with the complete metadata. This includes hashing and byte-by-byte comparisons during the archive process to ensure full data integrity.

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WORM compliance

Meet regulatory and legal requirements with WORM retention and litigation hold in any Azure datacenter in the world. HubStor can also serve as your designated third party (D3P) and can attest to the regulatory body that HubStor meets the compliance requirements.

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Flexible metadata model

Synchronize select metadata into HubStor to use in search, policies, and event-based retention. For instance, you can trigger event-based retention on the Account ID and HubStor knows exactly what data to manage.

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Search and export

Search content by metadata, keywords, access rights, data ownership, etc. We make it easy to manage investigations and respond to audits. You can securely export data as needed.

Getting started is easy

Connect with us. See it in action. Complete the form to request a demo of the HubStor WORM Compliance Archive today.

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Additional key features

Scoped indexing for fast discovery

Unlike legacy archives, HubStor empowers you to intuitively index select portions of your archive — by content types, users, groups, data ranges, etc. Now you can index only what needs to be searched — keeping costs low and delivering results faster.

In the cloud, your search cluster can be scaled up to quickly tackle a large indexing backlog — and then scaled back down when performance demand is lower, keeping your search costs as low as possible.

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cloud storage security

Directory integration and role-based access

Integrate your WORM compliance storage with your existing identity management processes. Not only does HubStor seamlessly carry forward data-level authorization with complete permissions synchronization, but it also syncs with your Active Directory through Azure AD. Moreover, it includes role-based access control (RBAC) which you can use to enable privileged users with limited access to manage retention and perform discovery.


Data-aware WORM storage

Remove the guess work. Never run the risk of dark data again by having always-on visibility into your WORM archive.

Data awareness is multi-dimensional visibility into your WORM storage, providing on demand intelligence about your content, users, and activity. Data-aware storage is an advantage for security, compliance, eDiscovery, and IT. It makes you more agile — enabling you to identify issues earlier, respond faster to litigation and audits, and pinpoint opportunities to manage and leverage data more intelligently.

The bottom line: Less risk, less waste, less unmitigated spending.

HubStor’s near-real time policy engine — used for managing things like retention, indexing, tagging, and DLP — automatically maintains data awareness to give you instant insight into what your policies are doing — even for policies with billions of items.

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Simple deployment and onboarding

With minimal effort, you can be fully operational with HubStor in just two to three days!

In a kickoff call, we walk you through the configuration options:

  • target Azure region for deployment;
  • Azure AD connecton;
  • encryption settings;
  • hot or cool storage;
  • storage redundancy level, etc.

From there, we provision your dedicated HubStor tenant. The provisioning process is typically complete within a day.

Finally, the HubStor Connector Service (HCS) software installs in minutes on Windows. The only requirement is .Net 4.5.2. The Windows machine does not need to be dedicated.

The HCS enables you to set policies to determine the data sources and specifically what information you wish to write into HubStor. Policies run against your existing storage to copy, tier, or migrate data to your HubStor tenant on a schedule. Connectors in the HCS can also process .PST files, perform point-in-time backups, support drive shipping, work with SMTP journaling, and connect to your Office 365 tenant to backup and archive cloud data.

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