Reason #1: You will see a dramatic reduction in storage and backup costs

Old school pays top dollar to store low-touch and inactive data on expensive primary storage, and then pays even more to back it up and recover it again and again. A smart cloud strategy solves this problem, giving you 60% reduction in storage footprint and dropping costs by 76-87%.


hubstor hybrid cloud storage

Reason #2: You move up the IT value chain

Strategic IT is here. With data-aware storage, you provide new and higher value to the business.


hubstor cloud archive

Reason #3: You gain a secure platform for compliance and discovery

Instead of an expensive third-party vendor or a myriad of products on-prem, solve your organization’s compliance and discovery needs on Microsoft Azure.

data governance in the cloud

Data governance

Understand your storage footprint with built-in file analytics. Manage data retention with policies.

hubstor search

Scalable search

Index and discover content, perform data classification, quickly and cost-efficiently.

worm storage cloud


Meet regulatory and legal requirements with WORM retention, litigation hold, and event logging.

Reason #4: Your existing file servers become cloud storage gateways

Don’t add more complex infrastructure that you have to manage. HubStor is the leading alternative to expensive cloud storage gateways that miss the boat on hybrid cloud storage and archiving.

Reason #5: You protect against ransomware and take data protection to the next level

More about data protection

azure storage redundancy


The cloud provides hassle-free data protection. There are at least three synchronous copies of your data with the option to have three asynchronous copies in a second datacenter.

ransomware protection

Ransomware recovery

In addition to shrinking backups, HubStor offers point-in-time recovery of file shares to help you be resilient to ransomware attacks.

disaster recovery


Your users can optionally self-service access their content in the cloud securely, authenticating to HubStor the same way Microsoft Office 365 sign-in works.

Reason #6: You have message journaling that is low cost and stress-free

Now you can meet your regulatory or legal needs for compliance SMTP journaling with our simple Azure-based solution that costs less, scales better, and will have you sleeping better at night.

Compliance Journal Archive


cloud storage security

Reason #7: We are market-leading in cloud storage security

HubStor is your secure vault for data you can’t afford to take chances with.

More about HubStor security

Reason #8: We provide total flexibility within Azure

Each customer has a dedicated HubStor tenant tuned to their specific needs. We deploy into Azure regions around the globe and we offer the option of running your HubStor tenant fully managed in your Azure account or HubStor’s.

microsoft azure

Reason #9: There’s zero lock-in, contractually and technically

hubstor pricing

Pay as you go

We operate on a simple monthly subscription. No term commitments and nothing upfront.

cloud storage pricing

No risk

We make it easy to get your data out, recover to an original state.

hubstor cloud

Cancel any time

Our customers stay because of the value they receive.


Reason #10: It doesn’t get better than this

The economic value of HubStor is incredible, and it only takes 2-3 days to be fully deployed with the solution. There are no complicated system requirements and you aren’t adding new hardware.

How it works

Seeing is Believing

Have a front-row seat to see it in action.

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