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Like you, we take security seriously. HubStor makes cloud storage even more trustworthy for businesses requiring strong data security, compliance, privacy, and eDiscovery. HubStor includes a patent-pending design for securely getting data to the cloud. And in the cloud, HubStor puts you in control with data-awareness, PII tagging, data loss prevention, activity auditing, RBAC, directory integration, retention, litigation hold, and more.

HubStor cloud data security

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Secure Archiving to the Cloud

HubStor enhances your data’s security with its patent-pending method of writing data securely to the cloud. Unlike standard practice, we connect you to the cloud without ever exposing the API key or password of the target cloud storage container. Our secure approach also detects and handles malicious user scenarios and monitors for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against your cloud archive tenant.

Encryption Options to Suit Your Needs

Data is always encrypted in motion, and HubStor includes two approaches — both AES 256-bit — for encrypting your data-at-rest.

cloud storage security

Identity & Access Management

HubStor integrates with your directory to simplify user management and authentication. Authorization includes HubStor’s role-based access control (RBAC) and synchronized access control lists (ACLs).

cloud directory synchronization

Directory Sync

Easily authorize HubStor to synchronize users and groups from your directory via Azure AD, making HubStor a secure and easy extension to your infrastructure, and giving you superior visibility and control.

multi factor authentication


HubStor authenticates your users via OpenID to your Azure AD. Optionally take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to meet compliance needs while enhancing security for your users.



You control authorization for administrators, privileged users, and end users with HubStor’s role-based access control. Easily manage access at the individual, group, or role level.

cloud access control

Data Access

Item and folder ACLs persist in your HubStor cloud archive, maintaining familiar security for your users.  Access rights are correlated to actual users and groups, giving you administrative visibility of entitlements and data ownership at any level.

Secure Collaboration

Optionally enable certain users and groups with the ability to share content, internally and externally.  HubStor provides administrative visibility into all sharing.  Configure sharing with expiry, authentication requirements, and blocking policies.

enterprise file sync and share

Data Awareness

Multi-dimensional visibility into your storage — providing on-demand intelligence about your content, users, and activity — is the advantage for security, compliance, eDiscovery, and IT.


security audit

cloud search security

Advanced Search Security

Access controls are maintained in the search index, providing fast custodian searching for eDiscovery as well as security for end-users.  HubStor performs additional security trimming on search results to ensure users only see what they should even when index permission synchronization is running.

More about Search

Built-in Data Loss Prevention

Identify and protect data assets that are important, private, or sensitive to your business.


data classification and tagging


Perform regular expression searches to identify data containing credit card numbers and other private / sensitive information.  Apply tagging policies.  Then make use of tags in eDiscovery, for managing retention, and in other HubStor policies to protect and manage important content.

user activity audit


Maintain intelligence about the activity of your users and easily generate reports as needed.  Detect unusual behavior and view audit histories on items, folders, and users.

data loss prevention


Deploy rules to protect corporate data from particular user activities.  For instance, block users from externally sharing any data tagged with private or sensitive content.

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eDiscovery Preparedness

HubStor simplifies eDiscovery scenarios by giving you fast, scalable visibility into your data.  If you need to interrogate full content, indexing can be provisioned on-demand and scoped using policies to keep costs low.  HubStor lets administrators create cases, perform searches, place holds, and collect data out of HubStor with precision and ease.


Your HubStor cloud archive is provisioned in Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud infrastructure that meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2.  Plus, HubStor’s retention management, auditing, and private/sensitive data identification and tagging make it easy for you to prove additional compliance as needed.

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We make cloud storage secure for business archiving.


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