Search as a Service

Content indexing and search that is there when you need it.

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Scalable, Low-cost Content Indexing

Avoid wasting time and money operating your own search environment. HubStor’s search-as-a-service is fully managed for you.

Indexing Policies

search cloud storage

Perform indexing by users, groups, data ownership, content types, folders, date ranges, etc.

Ready When You Are

file analysis

Adding search to your HubStor tenant is always just a phone call away.

Scale Up, Scale Down

elastic search

We keep your search costs as low as possible. Scale up to quickly tackle a large indexing backlog — and scale back down when performance demand subsides.

cloud storage security

Integrated Security for Discovery or Self Service

With trusted authentication, role-based access, and permissions sync, you can enable knowledge workers to search within their data while offering discovery to privileged users.


You Are In Control with Actionable Search Results

Unlike other cloud search services that require custom development, HubStor connects search with powerful data management so that you can place results on litigation hold, add them to a case, apply tags, and export searches from the cloud with auditing.


Getting Started is Easy

Connect with us. See it in action. Complete the form to request a demo today.

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