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Cloud pricing for the enterprise can get complicated. We want to make it simple. Our model makes it easy, transparent, and predictable without ever locking you in.

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Pay Only For What You Use!

Unlike other cloud storage models that tally your storage volume on the logical size, HubStor’s model factors your costs on storage AFTER deduplication AND compression.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I monitor and control my consumption?

Yes. You can view your consumption at any time. If consumption becomes higher than you’d like, simply let us know. There are things we can do together to minimize your cloud footprint. For instance, we can modify the performance class of your configuration as needed. As well, you control the scope of content indexing through policies, which help to mitigate search costs. And HubStor also provides you with data-awareness and tools to manage your data so you can easily control retention and remove clutter.

Can I apply Azure credits that I have?

Yes, if you already have an agreement with Microsoft we can provision HubStor into a dedicated subscription under your account. This way, you take care of the underlying cloud costs with Microsoft — applying any credits you might have — and HubStor only bills you for the markup portion.

What determines consumption?

Consumption means your metered usage of the underlying cloud infrastructure. HubStor pricing is based purely on consumption. We give you transparency into the cloud costs of your HubStor tenant as well as our markup schedule, which we guarantee for the life of your subscription.

Where is my archive in the cloud?

HubStor works exclusively with the Microsoft Azure cloud. Your dedicated HubStor environment can be provisioned in any Azure region around the world. HubStor can also scale across regions for large enterprises that need archiving in multiple geographies.

Can I get fixed pricing?

No, we do not provide fixed pricing. That’s because our model is based transparently on your actual consumption — providing you the best economics possible. Obviously, our price estimates can’t perfectly predict the future, but they do provide budgetary figures for the year ahead.

Is my data comingled?

Never! Each HubStor client runs in their own isolated tenant configuration, completely sub-networked, providing data segregation and dedicated resources for consistent performance.

What information do you need for a price estimate?

Here’s what we need to know:

1) How much data do you intend to archive?

2) What’s your estimated data growth rate?

3) A rough guess of how much data will be retrieved from the archive each month?

4) Do you wish to enable content indexing? If yes, what amount of your archive do you need to index?

6) What level of redundancy do you want for your data?

The closer we can model your consumption the more accurate our price estimate will be.

Is HubStor’s on-premises software an additional cost?

No, it’s all included in your subscription. You get usage rights to our installable components, including our virtual cloud gateway, cloud export utility, and PST splitting utility. The virtual cloud gateway includes connectors to various data sources, with policy control, security synchronization, bandwidth throttling, and optional stubbing.

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