Offsite Data Protection

Leverage Microsoft Azure to enhance backup and disaster recovery.

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offsite data protection

Take backup and disaster recovery to the next level

Move away from relying purely on traditional backup approaches which can be expensive and problematic at scale.

Storage Optimization


By reducing the storage footprint on primary, your backup software has less work to do. Plus, HubStor optimizes your data by removing duplicates, applying compression, and keeping track of versions.

Peace of Mind

azure blob storage

At minimum, 3 synchronous copies of your data are stored encrypted in an Azure datacenter of your choosing. HubStor can also create shadow copies in a backup account, or use storage redundancy that syncs copies to a second datacenter.

On-demand Recovery


Perform granular or bulk recovery. HubStor includes easy-to-use software for straightforward recovery of data, folders, and security ACLs.

cloud storage security

Automatically transfer backups, sync data offsite

HubStor includes a virtual cloud gateway which installs in minutes and lets you schedule the movement of your compressed backups to offsite cloud storage with bandwidth throttling. We add security with encryption options and our patent-pending method of safely transferring your data to the cloud.


Recover from ransomware, data loss

Not only does HubStor provide a secure vault for your data, but you can recover from data loss and ransomware attacks. HubStor’s point-in-time recovery restores folder structures and security ACLs to original or alternate locations.

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Access your data no matter what

With HubStor, you always have hassle-free access to your data. In a disaster, you can recover data to original or alternate locations, and even provide users with secure, self-service access to their data from the cloud.

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