Journaling, archiving, and discovery in Microsoft Azure

Journaling with a traditional email archive is dead. Meet the HubStor Compliance Journal Archive service. Azure is now the platform for low-cost, elastic journal archive and search.

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Journaling doesn’t get better than this

Convenience. Low-cost. Zero lock-in. Stop dealing with expensive on-prem infrastructure and third-party archive vendors. Now you can meet your regulatory or legal needs for journaling with our simple Azure-based solution that costs less, scales better, and will have you sleeping better at night.

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Fully Managed

It’s completely turn-key. The software. The compute. The storage. HubStor’s searchable cloud archive and the SMTP servers run fully managed under your Azure account or HubStor’s.



It scales. It’s elastic. You only pay for what you use based on metered cloud usage in Azure. So if we need to scale up search for rapid indexing, that’s not a problem. And if there’s room to scale things down to contain costs, that’s easy too.

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Without Lock-in

We’ve heard the horror stories: vendors making it difficult to get out. Not with HubStor. We never lock you in. We’re that confident you’ll be happy with us.

Perform rapid indexing, discovery at less cost

Index targeted subsets of your data on-demand. Search within your cloud archive hassle-free. Create cases and place users, groups, folders, and search results on litigation hold. Export cases from the cloud as needed.

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Our security is unmatched

HubStor fully integrates with your identity and access management to provide a secure cloud archive experience. Beyond that, we include data loss prevention, role-based access, WORM retention, immutable activity logs, PII detection, and patent-pending advances relating to how your data is stored in the cloud.


Getting started is easy

Connect with us. See it in action. Complete the form to request a demo of the HubStor Compliance Journal Archive today.

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