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Don’t get stuck with an old-school IT approach in your cloud storage strategy.

HubStor is the leading alternative to cloud storage gateways.

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cloud storage gateway

Smarter than a cloud storage gateway

file server virtual appliance

Not an appliance

The appliance approach, whether virtual or hardware, places adoption burden on you — managing new volumes, copying data around, reconfiguring apps to consume the new storage.

cloud storage gateway

Cloud-enable your existing storage

Simple software copies, tiers, migrates data based on policies you define — without adding new hardware or disrupting users/apps — and locally caches to reduce cloud recalls.

file server migration

In-place data sync

Because HubStor works with the data in place, it captures and syncs the original folder structure, data ownership, item metadata, and security ACLs to the cloud along with your files.

cloud storage costs per terabyte

True cloud model

Cloud storage gateways tend to be expensive and difficult to adopt. HubStor’s approach is light-weight, costs less, and doesn’t lock you in contractually or technically.

data governance in the cloud

Data governance

HubStor includes cloud data management so that you have retention policies, data classification, litigation hold, chargeback, WORM compliance, DLP, and more.

data aware storage

Data-aware storage

Other approaches perpetuate the dark data problem. Data-aware storage gives you the power to visualize and query what you have in the cloud, build policies, audit activity, and perform discovery for legal or regulatory needs.

Our analysis of Gartner’s Market Guide on cloud storage gateways

Many HubStor clients evaluated cloud storage gateways before subscribing to HubStor. In this post, we will share our perspective on why we think Gartner is correct in forecasting turbulent times for the CSG market.

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