How it works

Two or three days is all that it takes to complete your deployment, whether POC or production. Here are the basics:


In a kickoff call, we walk you through the configuration options: target Azure region(s), Hot/Cool storage, etc.

We then do the heavy-lifting work of provisioning your dedicated HubStor tenant.

Our next step is to connect with your Azure AD. No worries if you don’t already have Azure AD — we take you through the 30-minute process of configuring the free version in your own account.

Next, the HubStor Connector Service (HCS) software installs in minutes on Windows and enables you to set policies that run against your existing storage to copy, tier, or migrate data to your HubStor tenant.

Advanced deployment options

Beyond the basics, these cool features can be enabled at any time. Just say the word.

hybrid cloud storage

Seamless storage tiering

Ghost data on-prem without disrupting users or apps while optimizing retrieval with local caching.

smtp journal archive

SMTP journaling

Provide message journaling at low cost. Preserve and search email in your HubStor tenant for compliance and litigation readiness.

cloud storage search

Content indexing

Index all metadata, then use policies to control the scope of full-text indexing. Search for discovery and/or end-users. Detect private/sensitive data.

hubstor cloud storage

End-user Web access

Enable Web-based access for your users, signing in just like Microsoft Office 365. Browse, retrieve. search, share, bulk export.

cloud storage replication

Geo-redundant storage

Replicate your blob storage to a secondary Azure region.

cloud storage encryption


Encrypt with your own key before sending to the cloud or use Azure’s at-rest encryption.

worm storage in azure

WORM compliant storage

Meet compliance requirements for immutable storage with WORM retention policies.

pst files

PST files

Organize PST files for cold archiving and easy export, or run smart extract to have their entire contents expanded in storage.

cloud storage scalability

Geo scale-out

Scale to have multiple storage accounts in one or more Azure regions with a single pane of glass.

sharepoint archiving

SharePoint archiving

Coming soon…

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