File Archiving with Data-aware Cloud Storage

HubStor’s Azure-based file archiving is the most convenient and secure cloud archive on the market.


File server archiving makes business sense

Leverage the cloud without lock-in to archive, manage, and protect unstructured data workloads.

Reduce Storage Costs


Pay only for what you use with dedupe, compression, and low-cost subscription economics.

Optimize Backup


Reduce backup costs, improve recovery time objectives (RTO) by archiving files from your primary storage that are inactive and low touch.

Harden Security

Secure your data to keep it safe from ransomware, insider threats, and data loss. HubStor is your most secure vault.

Gain Capacity


By offloading old data to the cloud, you free up space which lets you to defer spending on new storage.

Manage Data


Manage data retention. Identify and tag data that is private or sensitive.

Build Insight


Analyze your storage footprint to isolate risks and identify opportunities. Perform showback, understand storage costs, visualize usage activity, and more.

delphinus medical technologies

“With our unique requirements and the large amount of data we manage, local storage was not working and most cloud-based solutions were too expensive and cumbersome. HubStor provided us the advantages we needed: storage and access to large data sets across our office locations, scalable operations that meet our growing demands, and functional ease that is both convenient and secure.”

Cia Hang, IT Manager, Delphinus Medical Technologies

Getting started is easy

Complete the form to request a demo today. Starting a file archive POC is easy too.


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