The HubStor Business Case Infographic

This infographic offers an overview of the business case for HubStor cloud archive and hybrid cloud storage.

Storage Switzerland’s Product Spotlight Report on HubStor

George Crump, Lead Analyst at StorageSwiss offers his take on HubStor.

Solution Guide: Hybrid Cloud Storage

Primary storage — whether disk, all-flash, or hybrid — is an expensive and risky place to store inactive and low-touch data. This solution guide explores HubStor’s unique approach to hybrid cloud storage.

Fast-track Data to the Cloud with Drive Shipping

This one-pager provides an overview of the drive shipping process that can be used to ingest legacy data into HubStor with the Azure Import Service.

The Financial Business Case for Cloud Archiving

Don’t spend another dollar on storage before reading this whitepaper! The business case for hybrid cloud storage is compelling. It’ll change how you think about your storage budget – and it might revolutionize your storage strategy.

HubStor Security Whitepaper

This whitepaper provides an in-depth look at HubStor’s security and compliance features.

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Comparison Chart

Get the quick perspective on HubStor — its advantages over cloud storage gateways and DIY public cloud storage.

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HubStor Reference Architecture

This document provides an in-depth technical tour of HubStor’s architecture.

(Available upon request).

Compliance Journal Archive

This document discusses HubStor’s Compliance Journal Archive service which provides fully managed SMTP journaling, archiving, and eDiscovery in Microsoft Azure.

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Feature Brief: Data Aware Storage in the Cloud

HubStor is the first to bring data-aware storage to the cloud.  This feature brief provides you an overview of HubStor’s data-aware capabilities.

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Feature Brief: Search As A Service

This feature brief provides you an overview of HubStor’s search-as-a-service capabilities.

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Five Essential Security Features for Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Your hybrid cloud storage strategy should address these 5 security facets.

Storage Cost Comparison Infographic

What’s the true cost of in-house storage and cloud archiving alternatives?  This infographic gives you the full picture of costs from other storage alternatives compared to HubStor.

HubStor Cloud Storage Security FAQ

See our answers to the FAQs we receive from enterprise customers who make security a top priority.

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