Data Aware Storage in the Cloud

Never run the risk of dark data again. Data awareness illuminates your storage, users, and activity — giving you the edge in security, eDiscovery, compliance, and IT.

  •   Visualize what’s in your archive
  •   Pinpoint private / sensitive data
  •   Audit user activity — identify threats and stale content
  •   Analyze access rights
  •   Sharpen DLP security policies


data aware storage

Data Aware Advantages

Being more agile means identifying issues earlier, responding faster to litigation and audits, and seeing opportunities to better manage data.  The bottom line: Less risk, less waste, less unmitigated spending.

For Security & Compliance

security and compliance

  •   Private / sensitive data
  •   Sensitive data access rights
  •   Sensitive data activities
  •   DLP policy violations
  •   Shared items and activity
  •   Unusual user activity
  •   Activity by user / group
  •   Activity by item / folder

For eDiscovery

legal hold

  •   Custodian data maps
  •   Early data assessments
  •   Content type breakdowns
  •   Data on legal hold
  •   Legal hold data access rights
  •   User activity on legal hold data
  •   Activity histories
  •   Hit highlighting + relevancy ranking

For Storage Admins

storage growth

  •   Types of data being stored
  •   Data ownership visualization
  •   Stale and orphan data
  •   Storage usage by user / group
  •   Retention policies
  •   Data volumes and item counts
  •   Data growth rates
  •   Breakdown of large files

Improve Security, Reduce Risk

True data awareness is more than IOPS and item counts. It’s about helping you manage and protect what’s important. It’s about reducing risk. HubStor’s industry-leading data awareness puts you in control with complete visibility.

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data aware storage

Near Real-time Policy Analytics

HubStor includes a near-real time policy engine — for managing things like retention, indexing, tagging, and DLP. Each policy you create automatically maintains its own data awareness, giving you instant insight into what your policies are doing — even for policies with billions of items.

archive policy

public cloud

Always Be in the Know

When you store data in the cloud, you need to know what’s there. With HubStor, you have effortless insight.

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