Enterprise Cloud Backup and Recovery

Traditional backup methods are not a fit for the cloud era. With HubStor, you will revolutionize your cloud backup and recovery strategy while saving time and money.

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Your smarter cloud backup

Unlike other backups, HubStor also lets you virtualize or ghost subsets of the data (typically that which is old, less active). Ghosted files look and function the same as the original file when a user or application opens them, but they are just a small pointer on the file system.

In a recovery scenario, whether data has already been ghosted or not, HubStor offers you the flexibility to leverage data ghosting to drastically shrink the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and minimize the data you download from the cloud. This game-changing approach offers these advantages:

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Rapid recovery

Shrink RTOs by recovering recent data only and virtualizing all the rest.

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Minimal cloud egress

Less download from the cloud means lower impact on your network connection.

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No local copies

Because recovery from the cloud backup is fast and easy, you can skip or reduce local copies.

Here is how it works…


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Key features

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Azure cloud storage

You decide which Azure region hosts your data and your level of storage redundancy. At minimum, there are three synchronous copies in the cloud.

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Searchable backup

Using backup as part of your legal defense strategy? With HubStor, you can search and manage data within the cloud backup.

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Synthetic full backup

HubStor software runs next to your storage to routinely check for any changes which are automatically merged into the backup with versioning and point-in-time.

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WORM compliance

Meet regulatory and legal requirements with WORM retention and litigation hold.

data aware storage

Virtual restores

Restore select portions from your backup as full originals and virtually recovery the data that is less important in an emergency.

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Self-service user access

Optionally, give users self-service Web access to their data within the backup in the similar way they sign-in to Microsoft Office 365.

Getting started is easy

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