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File Archive

Archive files to the cloud with industry-leading security and convenience.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud-enable your existing storage investments — HubStor is the leading alternative to expensive cloud storage gateways.

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Compliance Archive

Satisfy regulatory and legal requirements for WORM storage stress-free in the cloud. HubStor also includes e-mail journaling for compliance.

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Backup & Recovery

Protect company data in the cloud to enhance your backup and recovery strategy.

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Use the Cloud Without Lock-in

Realize the value, deliver the benefits without being locked in. We believe so strongly in what we offer that we work with our clients on a ‘cancel-any-time’ basis. No term commitments, no prepay amounts, no cancellation fees. This is how enterprise software should be.

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Enterprise storage is rapidly changing, and cloud archiving is a top trend. Follow our blog for a front row seat.

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HubStor is founded and run by an experienced team of enterprise software pros that believe in customer success, product quality, and continuous innovation.

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